Vinny Vella Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Death Cause, Net Worth

Vinny Vella Wiki, bio


Vinny Vella was an American actor, talk show host, and comedian.

Vella was best known for the role of “Artie Piscano” in Martin Scorsese’s Casino. He was also the subject of a 67-minute 2000 documentary called Hey, Vinny by director John Huba.

Vinny Vella Biography

Vinny Vella was born on 3 October 1950 and died on February 21, 2019. He is n American actor, talk show host, and comedian.

Vella was born Vincent Frank Vella on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village New York City. Vella’s father was from Bari, Italy and his mother was from Naples, Italy Vella’s father had a fish store in Little Italy.

Vinny Vella Wife: Margaret Ann Hernandez
Vinny Vella Children: Vinny Vella Jr.

Death Cause

Casino star Vinny Vella has died at the age of 72, following a battle with liver cancer.

A statement posted to the actor’s Facebook page on Wednesday night revealed the actor had passed away.

Vinny’s son, Vincent Vella Jr., revealed to TMZ has father had been suffering from liver cancer.

The star of numerous gangster films, Vinny’s credits include the role of Artie Piscano in the 1995 crime film Casino and Jimmy Petrille in The Sopranos.

‘We are saddened to report that Vella has passed and I’m sure that no one more saddened than himself,’ read the statement. ‘Vinny loved life from his family to his friends and fans he was easily one of the funniest, endearing actors to have ever graced the screen.

‘Vinny also had integrity and pride rarely seen. Arguably the fastest on the draw, king of the comebacks. His verbal jousting was legendary but many know Vinny for his favorite saying – “Who’s better than you?”