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Tony Mokbel is an Lebanese Australian convicted criminal. He has been convicted for a number of offences, most prominently commercial drug trafficking. Tony is of Lebanese descent, but spent most of his life in Melbourne, Australia.

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Tony Mokbel Born on 11 August 1965 in Kuwait. The 53 year old Tony Mokbel was convicted of drug trafficking in 2012 for masterminding a drug syndicate known as The Company and is serving his minimum 22-year sentence at the maximum security Barwon prison at Lara, about 70km south of Melbourne.

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Tony Mokbel Born: August 11, 1965 (age 53 years), Kuwait
Criminal penalty duration: 30 years
Conviction(s): Drug trafficking, drug importation
Tony Mokbel Parents: Lora Mokbel
Tony Mokbel Siblings: Horty Mokbel
Tony Mokbel Nationality: Lebanese, Australian

Tony Mokbel critical after jailyard stabbing

One of Australia’s most notorious criminals, Melbourne drug kingpin Tony Mokbel, is fighting for his life in hospital after a prison-yard stabbing.

His knifing at a ­maximum-­security jail where fellow Melbourne gangster Carl Williams was killed came just days ­before the first hearing of the “Lawyer X” royal commission that will examine whether Mokbel’s conviction for drug trafficking offences should be overturned.

Barwon Prison, housing some of Australia’s most dangerous ­offenders, is under lockdown tonight after the 53-year-old underworld identity was repeatedly stabbed in an exercise yard just before 3.45pm.

He was flown to hospital in a serious condition, but his health deteriorated. Tonight, he is in a critical condition in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The attack came a day after Mokbel featured in a front-page story in Melbourne about his ­reported intervention to protect a young prisoner from being the victim of an extortion racket, ­allegedly run by a Pacific Islander gang.

“All he has to do is say the word, and people listen,” the story said. “When the Islanders were spoken to, on (Mokbel’s) orders, the scared young prisoner was left alone immediately.”

Police launched an investigation tonight. They are yet to ­establish a motive for the attack.

The story in the Sunday Herald Sun described Mokbel as a “prison big-wig” and a “top enforcer”. It was inside the same prison that housed Williams when he was killed in 2010 while reading a front-page newspaper article about police helping to pay his daughter’s school fees.

Mokbel was stabbed in his abdomen and upper body shortly before the prison lockdown, and was treated by paramedics on a footpath at the prison before being flown to hospital. His supporters have gathered at the hospital.

TV footage showed him arriving on a stretcher at the hospital where he appeared conscious and was seen clasping the hand of one para­medic as he was being taken inside.

A 31-year-old prisoner was also hospitalised following the attack and was in a serious condition. The royal commission into the use of “Lawyer X” and other legal professionals as police informers will sit for the first time on Friday.

Mokbel’s drug trafficking convictions are central to the inquiry. He and his brothers, as well as former drug associates who testified against him, were all represented by Lawyer X.

The lawyer had previously claimed in court that her sole moti­vation for becoming a police informer was to rid herself of the Mokbel cartel.

Mokbel has been serving a 30-year sentence for trafficking drugs, after being captured by police in Greece in 2007.

He has been portrayed in the television series Underbelly — based on Melbourne gangland killings between 1995 and 2004 — and in Fat Tony & Co.

Victoria Police said officers and paramedics rushed to the prison after hearing reports of a stabbing about 3.45pm.

Aerial footage showed Mokbel, shirtless and in shorts, being treated in the prison yard.

Questions are expected to be asked about security at the jail, which holds 400-plus prisoners.

Mokbel rose to infamy during Melbourne’s gangland war that erupted from 1998 and that by 2010 had left 36 dead.

The warring groups included the Mokbel and Williams families and the so-called Carlton Crew.

Mokbel was said to have been among the first highly ranked members of the underworld to move into the designer pill trade.

He fled Melbourne while being tried on cocaine trafficking charges in 2006, hiding near the Victorian town of Bonnie Doon before fleeing Australia on a yacht and then sailing to Greece.

Mokbel was not captured until June 2007, when Greek police ­arrested him at an Athens cafe following an investigation by Australian authorities.

He must serve 22 years before being able to apply for parole.