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Šaban Saulic was a Serbian folk singer. His debut EP ‘Dajte mi utjehu’ was released in 1969 when he was eighteen years old. Noted for his refined baritone vocals and a career spanning over five decades, Saulic was referred to as ‘The King of Folk’.

Saban Saulic Died: February 17, 2019 Trending
Saban Saulic Born: May 6, 1951, Šabac, Serbia
Saban Saulic Spouse: Gordana Saulic
Saban Saulic Children: Ilda Saulic, Mihajlo Saulic, Sanela Saulic
Saban Saulic Wife: Gordana Saulic

Saban Saulic Biography

Saulic was born in Sabac, Serbia to Ilduza Demirovic and Haso Saulic. His parents were of Bosnian Muslim background. Saulic came from humble beginnings, with neither of his parents having a full-time job. His father sold lottery tickets whilst his mother sold children’s toys at fetes. As a result, they would spend a lot of their time traveling and looking for work leaving Saulic primarily in the care of his older sister.

Saulic was initially more inclined to a career in football. It was his uncle Alija, however, who first noticed that his nephew’s true talent lay in music. In the mid-60s, Alija asked his nephew to sing for him and his friends at their local “kafana” (bar/taverna). When Saulic began to sing a well-known Esma Redzepova song, his interpretation was so good that the “kafana” soon filled up with curious locals who thought that Redzepova had come to sing in Sabac. This was to mark the start of Saulić’s five-decade-long musical career.

Saulic big break came in 1969 at the time he was 18 years old. He recorded his first song Dajte mi utjehu (“Give me Solace”). The song became an instant hit and led Saulic to make the move to Belgrade, Serbia so that he could continue working on what was promising to be a hugely successful career. By the mid-70s, Saulic had become a household name and, more importantly, his songs were much-requested in the “kafana.”

Saban Saulic Wife (Gordana Saulic), Children

Saulic married his wife, Gordana (born 1958) in 1974. Though the pair briefly separated in 1985 for a mere 20 days, they quickly discovered that they could not be without one another and the couple reunited. During this period Saulic wrote his hit song “Gordana” – a song dedicated to his wife. Together they had three children: one son, Mihajlo, and two daughters, Sanela and Ilda. Ilda would go on to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a singing career.


Saban Saulic Cause of Death

Saban Saulic Fathers Death

During a New Year’s Eve tour of Australia, Saulic’s father passed away. As a result, he could not attend his father’s funeral the next day. He would often later express how he would never be able to come to terms with the fact that he could not attend his father’s burial.

Saban Saulic Death and Cause (Traffic Collusion)

In the early hours of February 17th, 2019, Saulicwas being driven home from a concert held the night previously in Bielefeld, Germany. His close friend and God-sibling was a fellow passenger in the car, whilst the keyboard player who had accompanied him at the concert drove. At approximately 06:50 am on Sunday morning, on the A2 autobahn between Bielefeld and Gütersloh, a drunk and unlicensed driver collided at high speed with the Seat Ibiza that Saulic was traveling in causing serious injury to the driver, Saulic and the third passenger.

All three were taken to the hospital, where Saulic and the driver later passed away. The News of Saulic’s death was met with widespread shock and sorrow from the Balkan music scene, with many of his colleagues taking to social media to mourn the loss of the man popularly crowned as the “King of Traditional Folk Music” (“Kralj Narodne Muzike”).