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Natacha Jaitt

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Natacha Jaitt was an Argentina actor, model, actress, vedette, host and presenter of radio and television. She passed away on 23 February 2019.

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Natacha Jaitt Born: August 13, 1977 (age 41 years), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Natacha Jaitt Death: 23 February 2019
Natacha Jaitt Children: Valentino Yospe
Natacha Jaitt Parents: Alberto Jaitt, Aliza Damiani
Natacha Jaitt Nominations: Martín Fierro Radio Award for Best Night FM Program

Natacha Jaitt was born on 13 August 1977 and died on 23 February 2019 at his age of 41. Being a model of a pornographic magazine, Natacha looked for another type of opportunities and went to live in Spain with only ten dollars 2 as explained on several occasions.

While there, she entered the contest Gran Hermano, where she spent all the interviews but was finally chosen as a reserve due to her legal problems as she did not have a residence card or Spanish citizenship. His entry to the house came a week after the start of the contest when the Mercedes participant voluntarily left the first day.

She remained locked up for 98 days and reached the final as the first foreign contestant and not original to reach those instances, along with her partner Conrad Chase, an American businessman. He came third with 15% of the votes of the public.

When leaving the house, she was hired by Javier Sardá and the production of his Martian Chronicles program as a panellist and reporter of notes abroad. Then he took charge of driving his own cycle on the Playboy TV signal called Sexual Office.

In radio, he led Esclava from your hole in signal 99.1 Loca FM of Madrid and broadcast over the internet [ citation needed]. While in graphics, he posed for the magazines Interviú, Maxim, Playboy, Hombre and Paparazzi.

Upon her return to Argentina, Natacha was invited to sponsor the FICEBA (International Erotic Film Festival of Buenos Aires) together with Dunia Montenegro, Sonia Baby and Nacho Vidal.

He was the protagonist of Sexo Seguro, a series of sexual erotic content on the Playboy TV screen. In November of 2007, she caused a stir by having had an orgasm live on the program Where I come from the journalist “Chiche” Gelblung.

In the Argentine summer of 2008, he starred in Caliente, his first play in the Lorange, under the production of Gerardo Sofovich.

Later she was summoned by Marcelo Tinelli to be part of the segment Dancing for a Dream of her Showmatch program, being eliminated in the first round.

Conducted Natacha ignites your senses, for the screen of América TV during 2009.

Natacha had a son, Valentino, fruit of his relationship with the late actor Adrián Yospe (1970-2011).

On August 9, 2010, she underwent an operation in her right breast because, without consulting her, a prosthesis greater than her thoracic capacity was placed.

In March 2018, he accused accusatory journalists and politicians of being abusers of minors and wrote on twitter “I’m not going to commit suicide, I’m not going to spend money and drown in a bathtub, I’m not going to hit any shot, so if that happens, no, I did not go .

Natacha Jaitt Death Cause

On February 23, 2019, she was found dead in a party hall in Benavídez. The body was naked on a local bed. The doctor of the scientific police indicated that it did not present signs of external violence, ” having been his death a possible cerebrovascular accident produced by the ingestion of alcohol and cocaine ” adding that they found samples of that substance in the nose of the victim.