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Jackie Shane, Soul Singer and Transgender Pioneer, Dead at 78

Jackie Shane

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Jackie Shane was an American soul and rhythm and blues singer, who was most prominent in the local music scene of Toronto, Canada in the 1960s.

Jackie Shane Biography

Jackie Shane was born on 15 May 1940 and died on 22 February 2019 at his age of 78. She was an American soul and rhythm and blues singer. She was born and raized to his parents Jessie Shane in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Shane moved to Montreal, Quebec, where saxophonist “King” Herbert Whitaker invited her along to watch the popular band Frank Motley and his Motley Crew at the Esquire Show Bar.

Shane showed up and sat down near the front. When Motley said, “Get that kid up here and let’s see what he can do,” pianist Curley Bridges invited Shane, then still presenting as a man, onstage for the next set, where she performed songs by Ray Charles and Bobby “Blue” Bland.

She was soon the band’s lead vocalist and relocated to Toronto with them in late 1961. She returned several times to the United States, on tour with the Motley Crew (to Boston, for example, where they recorded), to New York to record, to visit her family and old friends and perform on a TV show in Nashville, or to live and work in Los Angeles.[

Fan mythology linked her to Little Richard, including claims that she had been Richard’s backing vocalist before moving to Canada or even that she was Richard’s cousin, although no verification of either claim has ever been found and no evidence exists that Shane ever made either claim herself.[4] Music critic Carl Wilson has concluded that, while in reality, Shane had deep and identifiable roots in the traditions of the Southern US Chitlin’ Circuit, the mythology emerged because that scene’s traditions were not known to Torontonians in the 1960s, and thus Little Richard was the only antecedent for Shane’s style that most of her local fan base could identify.

Throughout her active musical career and for many years thereafter, Shane was written about by nearly all sources as a man who performed in ambiguous clothing that strongly suggested femininity. The few sources that actually sought out her own words on the matter of her own gender identification were more ambiguous, however; she identified herself as a male in two early quotes to the Toronto Star, but more often appeared to simply dodge questions about her gender altogether.[5] Her identity as a trans woman was not confirmed on the record by a media outlet until 2017.

Jackie Shane Death cause

Jackie Shane, Soul Singer and Transgender Pioneer, Dead at 78

Touring wore on Shane and she eventually disappeared from public and musical life. Revived interest in her work after the turn of the century resulted in a CBC Radio documentary, “I Got Mine: The Story of Jackie Shane,” and eventually the first sanctioned reissue of her music by Numero, Any Other Way, in 2017. The album was nominated for the Grammy for Best Historical Album this year. “My whole approach is to get you to go up against wrong,” she said to The Guardian that same year. “I don’t bow down. I do not get down on my knees. The lowest I go is the top of my head. This is Jackie!”