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Felicity Kadlec

Felicity Kadlec Wiki

A Girl Felicity Kadlec from Massachusetts Fell in love with a doll. 21-year-old Felicity wedded the doll, Doll name Kelly Rossi.

Felicity Kadlec Full Biography

Felicity Kadlec was born in 1998 in Massachusetts. She is a unique girl who Fell in love and wedded the doll. She also gives the name Kelly Rossi. she claims is 37 years old and, funnily enough, has no birth certificate to identify a birthplace.

Felicity fell in love with a zombie doll when she was 13 years. She has revealed she married the inanimate object and says her world is now complete.

No emotional reaction from the doll has been shared with the press as of yet, but do watch this space because it could be the making of the next great Netflix true drama. It takes all sorts, after all.

Felicity says she’s been in a relationship with the ‘female’ doll since she was 16, after finding Kelly on a ‘creepy doll‘ website at 13 and developing romantic feelings three years later.

Now, it seems, the happy couple are enjoying matrimonial bliss – if a doll is capable of experiencing human emotion, that is.

Felicity Kadlec and Zombie Doll wedding ceremony

Felicity Kadlec and Kelly Rossi (Doll) wedding ceremony attended by four of her family friends and eight of Felicity’s other dolls, who ‘watched’ her wed the ‘love of her life’.

Felicity said on His wedding

My Doll is the most valuable one! She’s been my world for years. Our wedding ceremony was beautiful and perfect – exactly the way I dreamed it would have been.

I made sure that the whole wedding was done properly so it would be as official as possible, and we consummated the marriage afterward.

My Doll was the groom as she takes the male role in our relationship, she is a tomboy so wore a suit – I feel she was most comfortable as the groom.

Despite having been in a relationship with Kelly for four years, getting married to her has made me feel so much closer to her, both emotionally and intimately.

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