Dennis Rader Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, BTK Killer, Wife, Serial Killer

Dennis Rader Wiki, Biography, BTK Killer, Serial Killer

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American serial killer Dennis Lynn Rader known as BTK or the BTK Strangler. BTK Killer gave himself the name “BTK“, which was his infamous signature. He killed ten people in the Wichita, Kansas, metro area Between 1974 and 1991.

Dennis Rader was Born in 1945 in Pittsburg, Kansas, Dennis Rader went on to live a double life: Devoted family and company man by day, he also terrorized the Wichita, Kansas, area as the “BTK killer”—for “bind, torture, kill”—with 10 murders and brazen correspondence with authorities between 1974 and 1991. His alter ego resurfaced in 2004, but his penchant for leaving clues led to his arrest and life imprisonment the following year.

Ordinary Upbringing

He grew up in Wichita. The oldest of four sons, he enjoyed a seemingly normal childhood, reportedly masking such disturbing behavior as hanging stray animals.

He dropped out of college and joined the U.S. Air Force in the mid-1960s. He married his wife, Paula, in 1971, and worked for an outdoor-supply company for about a year. Killer began a lengthy stint as an employee of ADT Security Services In 1974.

First Murders

He strangled to death four members of the Otero family in their Wichita home—parents Joseph and Julie, and two of their children, Josephine and Joseph Jr.—before leaving with a watch and a radio. Strangulation and souvenir-taking would become part of his modus operandi, or pattern of behavior. He also left semen at the scene and later said that he derived sexual pleasure from killing. The Oteros’ 15-year-old son, Charlie, came home later that day and discovered the bodies.