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Dave Assman is a 47 years old Canadian man who has been fighting for the right to have his name on his license plate with the Saskatchewan driver’s licensing and vehicle registration (SGI). The only problem is his last name is Assman.

Dave Assman Biography

Dave Assman was born on 1972 in Canada.  He has been fighting for the right to have his name on his license plate with the Saskatchewan driver’s licensing and vehicle registration.

Assman states that he has never been ashamed of his surname, which he pronounces ‘Oss-man’. ‘I love my name,’ Assman told DailyMail.com. ‘It can stir up a good conversation.

Dave Assman Personal Details
Dave Assman Full Name David Assman
Dave Assman Age 47 years old as of 2019

Dave Assman Occupation, Education

According to his Facebook profile, Assman previously worked as a Canadian National Railway Company. He went to school at Melville Comprehensive School in Melville, Saskatchewan.

Dave Assman denied Licence Plate due to his last name “Assman”

Assman is a man in a dilemma as he fails to understand why the Saskatchewan driver’s licensing and vehicle registration (SGI) won’t let him flaunt it loud and proud on a personalized plate.

After his request for an ‘ASSMAN’ vanity license plate was denied, the Melville man had an oversized decal designed to replicate the plate in question and then placed the decal on the tailgate of his white Dodge Ram pickup truck on Wednesday, February 12th, 2019.

Assman said he appealed SGI’s decision on Tuesday, 11th February and received a message around four hours later that his request had once again been rejected on the on the grounds that it was “offensive, suggestive or not in good taste.”  His first application was in the 1990s. That application was rejected by SGI as “profanity.” His recent application was denied

Dave Assman Shows off  his Truck Decal

In a Facebook post, Assman said showing off the decal “I could have got a plate for the front but I really wanted a vanity plate on the back of my truck!”

Besides the name, the decal features the word “Saskatchewan” and the provincial motto “Land of Living Skies.” It even features what looks like the four bolt openings used for attaching to vehicles every license plate in the province.

“See, I hate to say it but I’m kinda a sarcastic ass and well I just wanted to go big!” he later said in a statement to news agencies.

SGI (Saskatchewan driver’s licensing and vehicle registration)

Like all provincial authorities, SGI is responsible for vanity plates and may refuse any application that have even a whiff of sexuality, drug references, politics or religion. Its list of rejected vanity plates runs to 85 pages.

McMurchy on Wednesday said in an email that SGI’s official response is contained in a tweet on SGI’s official Twitter account: “All’s well that ends well,” SGI tweeted along with a smily-face emoji.

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