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Cardi B Wiki : Cardi B is a American songwriter, a former stripper, rap and hip-hop artist.. Cardi B Born and raised in an impoverished.

Cardi B Wiki and Biography

Cardi B was born on 11 October 1992 in New York, United States. She attended Renaissance High School for Musical Theatre and Technology located on the Herbert H. Lehman campus. Cardi took French and History courses at the Borough of Manhattan Community College but didn’t finish as she dropped out from the college.

She became the member of a street gang known as ‘Bloods’. Her first ever job was at a supermarket in Manhattan and her weekly income could not take care of her necessities as a nineteen-year-old.

Thrown out of the house and living at a place where the money she had was constantly stolen from her, Cardi decided to look for a better way to survive the hardship and her abusive relationship.

Cardi’s manager at the supermarket introduced her to a friend in charge of club strippers and although she was initially iffy about it, she eventually gave in because of the pay and realised it wasn’t as bad as she thought after all. Cardi B began living comfortably and could afford her rent, bills and general upkeep.

Cardi B became popular with her short Instagram and Vine clips going viral. Cardi’s videos were mainly about her perspective on relationship and survival. Stripping continued to pay well and her plan was to retire when she becomes 25. Luckily for her, she signed a record deal in 2015 at the age of 23 and launched her first ever music video titled Cheap Ass Weave in December of the same year. With that, she retired from stripping immediately. Cardi B has since then, gone on to feature in big shows which include The Wendy Williams Show.

Cardi B Parents, Boyfriend, Sister

Not much is officially known about Cardi B’s parents but we know from her interviews that they are poor regular American citizens who she says love her so much and tried to give her the best they could afford. She says they still call her by her birth name “Belcarlis” till date. Her father is of Dominican ancestry while her mother is a Trinidadian.

Cardi has a sister, Hennessey Carolina. Her name, which is the same for the popular 1765 French cognac, was given to her at birth because that was the drink her father had before she was born. Hennessey is an aspiring fashion designer and stylist and shares a strong bond with her sister, Cardi B. She comes up strong and ready to protect her from anybody hating on her; in person or on social media and Hennessy shows no mercy. Cardi B changed her name from ‘Belcarlis’ because people called her ‘Bacardi’, the name of a rum, which was a way of likening her name to her sister’s and because she didn’t like it, she decided to turn it around. So her name became ‘Cardi B’, with the alphabet ‘B’ meaning anything depending on her disposition per time. To her, it could mean beautiful today and bully tomorrow.

The music diva has countless times called herself a ‘feminist’ while boasting that she enjoys taking advantage of men. But a look at her relationships and affairs proves she doesn’t do what she openly talks about. Her boyfriend Offset proposed to her in October 2017 with an 8-carat diamond ring which cost over $500,000 in front of the crowd at the Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She said yes and two months later, December 2017, he was involved in a sex tape scandal.

Photos of him with a naked woman in a hotel was leaked and days later, he was accused of impregnating Celine Powell, a model. And even though he has not openly confessed to cheating on her, she doesn’t seem bothered by it. She stated she was too old to break up and start all over again with someone who will also eventually begin cheating she says she’s holding on to the relationship because according to her, everyone one deals with infidelity and besides, it’s her life she can handle it on her own.

Offset is a rapper and songwriter born December 14, 1991, as Kiari Kendrell Cephus. He has already fathered four children – two boys and two girls – from other women. Their names are Jordan, Kody, Kalea Marie and Brittney Elena.

Cardi B Net Worth

Cardi B within such a short period of time has amassed a lot of wealth and is worth $4 million. She has also modelled for a few companies including MAC Cosmetics and Gypsy Sport. Cardi B was nominated as the best female hip-hop artist for the 2017 BET Awards and she has over 16 million followers on Instagram alone.

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